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What is PPCLoopHole?

PPCLoopHole is a latest version of SpeedPPC, which is a campaign building tool.I tried to present PPCLoopHole review in this blog.This tool seems to very interesting and will go a long way.

Recently Jay Stockwell Informed me that a new version of SpeedPPC V4 which is going to release on 3rd Dec 2009.The SpeedPPC methodology is developed by Jay Stockwell who is a qualified AdWords Professional.I got a chance to review this tool and found it very interesting.

Whats new in SpeedPPC V4?
This time SpeedPPC V4 is bundled into 3 parts (with 1 optional) and the complete package is called PPCLoopHole.

  • Part 1:PPC Pivot Theory Training - This training demonstrates demonstrates how very simple improvements in critical parts of an online business can have dramatic results.Everyone talks about traffic, some people talk about conversions and even fewer people talk about the lifetime value of a customer.These three factors (traffic, conversions and lifetime value) have been named as PIVOT POINTS.This training helps you to identify every area and see the untouched part of PPC.It really helped me to fully understand this relationship and how they work together.Then once you will understand the relation between these the next part will be SpeedPPC V4 to implement these result in PPC campaign.

  • Part 2: SpeedPPC V4 2010 - SpeedPPC is the critical component for executing the Pivot Theory in practise using Pay Per Click.It allows the user to see the required rapid improvements in traffic, conversions and lifetime value.
These two video demonstrates how easily We can build our highly targeted campaign with these two parts of PPCloophole :


Video 2:

Here are some of the new features of SpeedPPC V4 as compared to V3:


  • All the new features mean a shiny new interface, with customizable toolbars and improved data entry fields making it faster and easier to enter your campaign information.
  • Work efficiently following a streamlined workflow – through the logically ordered tabs dedicated to each step of the campaign process

Campaign Building

  • Completely rewritten campaign building allows for 300% faster build times.
  • Find more customers that are ready to buy by generating even more long tail search terms, combining up to 4 keywords lists. Building on the version 3.0 single and dual core campaign types, you’ll now see “Multi Core” campaigns allowing you to add up to 3 expansion lists that can be mixed with your main seed keywords (4 total keyword lists).

Image Ads

  • Expand your reach on the Content Network with SpeedPPC’s brand new Image Ad feature
  • Save time setting up your text ads by storing and retrieving complete sets of ads under both Standard and Advanced Ad builders

Landing Pages and URLs

  • Improve your tracking by building unique keyword URLs in the new dedicated landing page tab
  • Click a button and SpeedPPC will check your URL is valid, so there are no nasty surprises after you launch your campaign

Improved Outputs

  • A new dedicated output tab has now been set aside for faster uploading into Bing/MSN using the free adCenter Desktop tool.
  • Quickly check your Google AdWords output prior to importing into AdWords Editor, with new headings for easy reference on each data field
There is a optional 3rd part of PPCLopHole called Business Turning Point(BTP):

As part of the BTP, All members will receive:

  • Full overview of the pivot strategy
  • Each month, specific strategies for making consistent improvements in each of the pivot points.
  • A real world case study that follows the pivot strategy through from month to month. Seeing details on building revenue from scratch.
  • Regular webinars.
  • Each month we’ll review 5 members’ sites and give feedback on how to improve the sites as practical example case studies.
  • Members’ only tools.

Well compared you previous version, latest SpeedPPC V4 has a lot of features and priced at just $4.95 for 7 days risk free Trial, If you like it then you only have to pay 3 payments of $165 to completely Own the package.

So lets see whats inside member area of SpeedPPC V4?

Some screenshot of member's area:

The first button contain the theory where all the 3 pivot point have been explained with lot of videos and documents.Its cool and useful.

Once you’ve got a strong understanding on the theory of how small improvements can have dramatic outcomes, it’s not time to dig in and take action.The next part is The Practice which contain doucmentation of SPeedPPC V4 with lot of new training videos.I like it , it is very simple and easy to understand.

In The Toolset button we can get all download link, SpeedPPC v4, Older version of SpeedPPC,Wordpress dynamic plugin page,SpeedPPC Affiliate datafeed Software,and Simple SpeedPPC landing page template.

Lets See what Bonus we have in SpeecPPC V4:

15 professionally designed Landing page templates, I always want it!!

These expansion List are very important tool for Affiliate PPC campaign.

This tool almost made me crazy and I am really desperate to see the result.It a must weapon for every affiliate and PPC marketer.I don't want to give away bonus just to make you buy this product but as you will invest in this product you realize how much useful Affiliate tool it is!
So I hope you like my review of SpeedPPC V4 and find it useful,
Please share your comment.

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